unbalanced. by ¡TILT!

TILT's album "unbalanced" is an album full of influences and Til's musical development. With the project TILT he was able to make his own record because that was his dream. At the age of 17 he wrote and arranged 10 pieces of rock music at its best. But it was impossible for him to record "unbalanced" on his own so he picked the best musicians out of his environment to record his ideas. Finally 11 musicians ended up playing and singing on "unbalanced". Because of all these musicians it is a very varied record. The upcoming live-lineup includes Til Kattke (guit.), Lenny Kattke (bass), Maxi Gröne (drums) and Dominik Bickel (voc.)!



Our single: Mr. White

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The whole record was mastered by Jost Schlüter at Pure Sonic Studios Germany.